Wednesday, June 19, 2013


For a Mets fan, yesterday could have been of the most anticipated days since the Mets lost to the Cardinals in the 2006 NLCS.  The Mets had a double header with two young guns at the mound, Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler. They were calling it, "Super Tuesday" as it will surely be remembered as a turning point in the Mets rebuilding era. Zack Wheeler was finally called up from the Minor Leagues and boy did he impress.  Especially because he had to wait at the ballpark for 11 hours, as last years top pitching prospect, Matt Harvey, was striking out Braves left and right and took a no-hit bid into the 7th inning. They ended up taking the first game 4-3 and fans were anxiously awaiting, Wheeler Time.

The future is bright, Mets fans!  Wheeler started the game with a walk as his nerves were definitley getting the best of him.  Captain David Wright, walked over to the mound and said something to Wheeler making him chuckle, trying to calm him down. His control was still not quite there but once he got his first out, he was wheelin and dealin. Wheeler overcame early control issues and pitched six scoreless innings. He allowed 4 hits, 0 earned runs and 7 strikeouts and earned the WIN. 

All in all, "you gotta believe", our future looks bright and pitching wins championships.  Harvey has already had 25+ starts in the Majors and it is evident he is here to stay and as an elite pitcher in the majors.  In Wheeler's case, you saw promise.  He got out of many innings with runners in scoring position and was throwing his fastball at 97MPH. Although, he had control issues early, so did Harvey when he got brought up last year.  The Mets can have a dangerous 1-2 punch for years to come.

Monday, June 17, 2013



The Mets were on the verge of getting swept by the Chicago Cubs; a series where the Mets bats were non-existent (whats new) when Kirk Nieuwenheis hit a walk off - three run home run. 

Going into the ninth inning the Mets had just three hits, and had committed two errors on the same play which resulted in 2 runs for the Cubs. They literally looked like a little league team throwing the ball all over the place gifting the Cubs with 2 runs.  There was no hope, the Mets had lost their last 4 games and went into the 9th with only three hits, when suddenly Marlyn Byrd hit a solo shot to cut the Cubs lead to 3-1.  Watching the game you saw a Mets dugout that had the look of a team that was about to get swept, go 1-7 on their home stand, and lose yet another game to a sub-par team but when
“When Marlon hit the home run, there’s a huge bolt of energy through the bench,” Terry Collins (Mets Manager) said. “And then when Lucas (Duda) walked, there were guys saying, ‘We’re gonna win the game.' Sure enough, it was true.” Mets Catcher John Buck then singled and moved Duda to second base and Omar Quintinilla executed a sacrifice bunt to put the two runners in scoring position. However, that was not needed. Kirk Nieuwenheis blasted a walk off home-run into the second deck and the Mets finally looked alive!

This is what the team needed. As they are auditioning half of their minor league system for next year, they need some of those young guys to show some promise and show they belong in the big leagues. Kirk made a bid last night, although he has not looked too promising so far at the Major league level, he hit a clutch home run which will give the Mets something to hold their head high about going into a series against the division leader the Atlanta Braves.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

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You can take this blog two ways, "The re building Mets" this team is obviously in a stage of rebuilding as the only old position player is Marlon Byrd or "There building Mets" my view on Sandy Alderson's vision for the team and how to build a team like the 86' World Championship team we miss so much.  I will also provide information on news,  reaction to games and of course possible transactions as all of Mets faithful is dying for the day for us to make a move for a slugging outfielder.

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